Bag 500g Walnut Shell Chandler +34mm

The Nut of the Chandler variety is large and smooth; have oval shape and a thin, well-sealed shell (they can open by hand). Its sweet taste and its highcontent of Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, makes from it to healthy and healthy product. The Montes de Toledo climatic conditions for the cultivation of walnut, exalting with it the sweetness and pleasant flavor of its fruit. In Pago Valle los Molinos the process of nut production in its entirety from the care of the plantation, until ensuring that the nut arrives with the maximum quality and freshness final consumer.

"In a place of La Mancha ...", in the southeastern foothills of the Montes de Toledo, is Pago Valle de los Molinos. Pago Valle de los Molinos was born with the idea of ??taking advantage of and valuing the natural resources coming from the countryside and thus bringing the natural environment closer to the final consumer.

Only from sheep farming we elaborate a wide range of Cheeses, unmistakable for their flavor, texture and aroma. From our walnut crops we obtain the Nuts and from the olive grove plantations Olive Oil.

Our motto: "Taking care of Quality from the Origin" allows us to differentiate ourselves through an integral process of production, in which we preserve an artisan elaboration and under the principle of environmental and social sustainability.

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