We wanted to highlight our roots, with a different bottle and a color that defines our country and passion for what we do every day: red passion. This is a painted and then screen printed bottle to highlight and beautify the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil. Expresses the subtle and delicate elegance of the four generations of women who have dedicated to give the best of themselves, to make the best extra virgin olive oil. Add to favorites

Pago de Espejo is the creation of the fourth generation of women olive grower, holding the property "La Condesa " that since 1920, belongs to the Espejo’s family in Villanueva de la Reina (Jaén, Spain).


1- On the nose, our oil has an intense fruity green olive, with very high notes of fresh grass, olive leaf , almond green and tomato.

2- On the palate, it has a great appearance freshness grass and fruit green, with a sweet and a light entrance ending with a slight itching, due to variety from which it comes.

3- A perfect balanced extra virgin olive oil with a great complex

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