El aceite que produce y reivindica la mujer rural

Rosario Espejo y sus hijas, Rosario y Mercedes Minchón Espejo, son la tercera y cuarta generación de mujeres olivicultoras detrás del AOVE Pago de Espejo.

Pago de Espejo is the creation of the fourth generation of women olive grower, holding the property "La Condesa " that since 1920, belongs to the Espejo’s family in Villanueva de la Reina (Jaén, Spain).


1- On the nose, our oil has an intense fruity green olive, with very high notes of fresh grass, olive leaf , almond green and tomato.

2- On the palate, it has a great appearance freshness grass and fruit green, with a sweet and a light entrance ending with a slight itching, due to variety from which it comes.

3- A perfect balanced extra virgin olive oil with a great complex