organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Exhibitor: ORO DEL DESIERTO
  • Brand name: VALLE DE LA LUZ
  • Organic Exhibition Area

Valle de la Luz is an organic extra virgin olive oil from olives from estates located in the Tabernas Desert (Almería) Spain. The production is made with olives in veraison and ripe, harvested and ground the same day of its harvest. Collection: From mid-November to mid-January.

Presentation: 500ml bottles, 2.5 and 5L cans Production: 2 phases extraction.

Varieties: Multivarietal mix of varieties, mainly picual.

Area: Desert of Tabernas (Almería)

Organoleptic and sensory analysis: Color / appearance: Clean golden color oil filtration. Perfume / bouquet: It is a soft oil and balanced, with nuances of almond, fig, tomato and ripe olives. Taste / bucco-tactile sensation: In mouth it has an almond attack and bitter and with something less itching

Pairing: It is an oil composed of different varieties where the picual variety is predominant in the mix therefore they do ideal for use both in the kitchen and in the raw, you can fry with it thanks to the variety predominant (picual) contains a high value of oleic acid (80% of the total) and in polyphenols and antioxidants (550-600 mg / kg). Given its high stability it can be conserved between 20-24 months in good condition

Oro del Desierto is a family business dedicated to olive cultivation and the production and bottling of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.   On our estates there are 25,000 Olives of different varieties (Arbequina, Lechín, Hojiblanca and Picual) and ages as well as plantation frames. Harvesting is done by combining manual collection by hand (from traditional olive groves and younger seedlings) and mechanized harvesting of trees over 6 years of age in an intensive setting. All farms have been certified under organic production standards since 1995.   Our extra virgin olive oil is made exclusively from olives from our own estates, in less than 8 hours from the collection they are brought to the mill of the company itself daily. We produce by cold extraction at less than 27ºC and centrifugation in 2 phases. Once produced it is filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks with an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation. We make an organoleptic selection of our best batches to be bottled in the property under the brand Oro del Desierto.   Our product has received more than 185 prestigious awards nationally and internationally since 2003 and is currently successfully positioned in 27 countries to which more than half of the company's high quality and limited production is exported.   In our estates and in the mill we combine technology, tradition and renewable energies, all in a sustainable way. Our company is a pioneer in closing productive cycles with the maximum use, since all the waste obtained is reintegrated into the process, transforming them into by-products that are used in the farm and the factory, for example we use the solid waste to produce natural organic compost which is used as fertilizer in the estates. In addition, 100% of the energy used is of solar origin and therefore renewable.   Our activity is also complemented by a Museum-Restaurant located in an old Mill of the early twentieth century and bioclimatic rural accommodations. In addition, the company has a number of R & D projects under development with universities and technological companies.