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NAZARÉ (Naturales y Recientes)

  • Nazarè 2013 S.L. is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of gourmet butter puff pastry.
  • Our recipe is special and we work every day to place it among the most select of international patisserie.
Hojaldre de Mantequilla cubierto con azucar lustre
  • Brand name: Coronas de León
  • Sector: OTHERS
Pasta crujiente de almendra y mantequilla
  • Brand name: Tejas de Almendra y Mantequilla
  • Sector: MARZIPAN
Puff pastry with butter covered in sugar
  • Brand name: Teclas
  • Sector: OTHERS
Butter puff pastry, stuffed with spaghetti squash jam.
  • Brand name: NAZARÈ Amelias de Cabello de angel
  • Sector: OTHERS
Hojaldre de mantequilla cubierto de crujiente de almendra
  • Brand name: Barritas de almendra
Butter puff pastry covered with luster sugar
  • Brand name: Lacitos de hojaldre de mantequilla
  • Sector: PATISSERIE
Crunchy coconut paste and butter
  • Brand name: Angélicas
  • Sector: MARZIPAN