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  • Exhibitor: NAVARRETINTO
  • Brand name: NAVARRETINTO
  • Sector: SALCHICHÓN

Iberian ham from Extremadura.

100% Acorn fed Iberian pigs

Navarretinto is located in the Sierra del Manzano, township of Talarrubias (Badajoz). Here you can find the pig farm of the same, dedicated to breeding Iberian pigs of the highest genetic purity and quality. All Navarretinto breeding females are registered in the Iberian Pig Genealogical Register.

We only transform our own production. We do not integrate other farms, that is how we safeguard our original and exceptional quality. Navarretinto’s production is limited and certified.

Our cured products project goes way beyond simple “food production”. We have carefully considered those who are able to appreciate and enjoy the flavour (a combination of smell, taste and texture) of these unique products and this can only be achieved by a group of people who take tradition, sensibility and good taste into account, and who are fully aware of the best that an Iberian pig has to offer.

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