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Black pudding

  • Exhibitor: MORCILLAS TERE
  • Brand name: Morcillas Tere
Blood sausage is a sausage without meat that is filled with coagulated blood in most cases of pork with a lot of properties. In the case of morcilla de Burgos, it also incorporates extra rice, lard, paprika, salt and onion horcal; and it is seasoned with spices to obtain its characteristic flavor, mainly pepper and paprika. Once all the ingredients are kneaded, they are stuffed in the beef casing, the last step is the cooking. The black pudding can be eaten even freshly cooked and the broth used in this process, the broth mondongo, is used in soups
We are a third generation family business specialized in the manufacture of black pudding from Burgos.Since 1979, we have developed our activity in Quintanilla Vivar (Burgos), the cradle of blood sausage, from where we manufacture and offer our products to the main catering, distribution and main meat merchants.It is precisely this confidence of professionals and consumers that makes us work every day to improve the quality of our products.

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