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Mild Red Mojo Sauce

For those people wishing a mild product, the Mild Red Mojo Sauce offers an intense mild flavour. This product is usually served with papas arrugadas (Canarian boiled potatoes), gofio (Canarian toasted flour) or meat. It can be also used as seasoning in order to obtain tasty marinades. With a mild taste, this Mojo Sauce is elaborated with fresh regional ingredients. Gluten free product.

Mojos Guachinerfe is a family – owned company dedicated to the traditional production of Canarian mojo sauces, such as the popular “mojo picón”. We produce our sauces with first quality fresh regional ingredients.Our staff is young, dynamic and flexible, always committed with a continuous improvement process.We work for our customers, with the best technological advances which allow us to produce high quality products. Mojos Guachinerfe began its operations thanks to the efforts of the Chinea Aguiar family, who early 1996 started producing mojo sauces in a very traditional way.

Over the last years, the company has bet for diversification by producing other sauces adapted to the high - consumption market. Other sauces such as mayonnaise and Mojonesa are part of our product catalogue .

Mojos Guachinerfe is strongly commited to Quality and Food Safety and so the company is certificated in order to guarantee its process and products.

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