EVOO Picual organic

  • Exhibitor: MO Molina Olivares
  • Brand name: MO Molina Olivares Ecológico
  • Organic Exhibition Area

Is our 100% organically-certified olive oil, subject to an exhaustive quality control during the whole production process. Elaborated with olives in Sierra de Cazorla, MO ECOLÓGICO provides the perfect quality solution and protects the environment at the same time.  With a truly unique flavor and low acidity, MO ECOLÓGICO is produced with no chemical additives. The resulting organic production process is carefully controlled from production at the oil mill to its final bottling. To better understand its differentiation from traditional non-organic olive oils, chemical analyses prove the high quality achieved with our organic product

Familia Ortal S.L. was born in 2016 as an innovative company founded by the young brothers in a family with almost a century of tradition in the production of olive oil. Our farms are optimally located in the Sierra de Cazorla region (National Certificate of Origen, D.O. Sierra de Cazorla) in Jaen, in the south of Spain. Our mission is to globally market a product with excellent properties and health benefits for the consumer. To elaborate an olive juice with optimal properties, we have optimally designed each of the steps in the value chain, from production to final bottling. We invest heavily on cutting-edge techniques to maximize the quality of our natural olive juice. We carefully choose the most vigorous trees and elaborate our premium product in October, right at the start of the traditional harvest season.