D.O. Ribeira Sacra | Vía Romana Barrica

  • Exhibitor: MÉNDEZ-ROJO
  • Brand name: Vía Romana Barrica
VR comes from our oldest vines, which yield around 1 kg of fruit per vine. This guarantees one of our main purposes: the highest quality. With this wine we want to demonstrate the latent potential of the Ribeira Sacra and, at the same time, we want that our passion and our illusion for the things well done can be enjoyed. It stays between 7 to 11 months in French oak casks and then another 6 months inside the bottle before going on the market.

Méndez-Rojo family tradition since 1940

Méndez-Rojo family is the legacy of a familiar tradition that began in 1940. Our commitment with our land and the constant innovation throughout the years have positioned us and our own wineries in all the Galician designations of origin.


The history of Méndez-Rojo began to be written 80 years ago in Chantada, land of unique traditions and legends, where our family started to grow the vine. We are proud of have been able to specialize in the world of the wine and of being able to outdo ourselves each passing year, but we also remember with love our beginnings as the family-owned winery Penouzos.   And just like that, like it happens with the wine, the improvement came with each passing year.

Persistence, research and the selection of the best grapes has resulted in wines that combine the quality of the native product with unique climatic and orographic features. And these wines have made Méndez-Rojo a recognized brand among the wine lovers of the community and the country.

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