Conservas en aceite, al natural... de setas y hongos recolectados en Castilla y León

The Quality Guarantee Brand ‘Setas de Castilla y León’ (Mushrooms of Castilla y León) is part of the MICOCYL program, launched by the regional government (Junta de Castilla y León) with the main objective of promoting the commercialization of the wild product harvested in the regulated forests of this Community.

This brand guarantees quality, food safety and product origin. All our mushrooms come from regulated forests of the community of Castilla y León and have been collected according to sustainability criteria.

In our guarantee brand are integrated most of the processing companies and points of trading of wild mushrooms in Castilla y León. The operators of the brand offer among their high quality products the most wide and varied range of wild mushrooms: fresh, frozen, dehydrated, preserves, muses, creams, oils...