So many classic nougats and turrons. Hard almond nougat, Soft almond nougat, marzipan with walnuts, toasted egg yolk turron, almond with chocolate turron. Two turrons with  aragon´s quality stamp: C´alial -Guirlache y Negro Alemendra.

Great varieties of chocolate turrons like: orange, whiskey, coffee, crunche gianduja, cava with strawberries, cherries in kirsch...

Pastelrías Manuel Segura is one of the oldest bakeries in Spain, run by the same family that founded it. We are six generations of bakers ant they were all called Manuel Segura. Our best products are: chocolates, turrons (nougats), jams, pastry and cakes. In our job we join experience and tradition with innovation and nessesity of our customers.

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