• Exhibitor: MALVASIA
  • Brand name: MALVASIA

Mousse of Duck Foie is an emulsion which has the minced fatty duck liver as one of its main ingredients and  subjected to a intense heat and pressure treatment in order to obtain a preserved product.

Malvasia produces the following references:

*Foie Mousse 1 kg, for Canapés 4 bar/1 kg, Mini 100 g, round can 200 g, glass jar 180 g and easy-to-open 130 g.

*Foie Mousse with Prunes 1 kg, Mini 100 g, round can 200 g and easy-to-open 130 g.

*Foie Mousse with Truffle 1 kg, Mini 100 g, round can 200 g and easy-to-open 130 g.

Halala Products & Gluten Free.

Malvasia is a company dedicated to producing foods which satisfy high customer demands, specialising in duck foie gras products. Our premises are in Abejar, a town in the province of Soria, situated in the Pinares de Urbión area. This particular spot is known for its great natural resources and gastronomy.The climate of Soria is particularly suitable for rearing foie gras ducks all year round. Develop a great foie gras requires the best raw materials, and ensure that quality is only possible from the total control of production. Our race Mulard ducks are raised according to traditional criteria: feeding corn, stay in outdoor parks, betting on a production premium quality over quantity.T he company was created in 1989, and in 2006, the current facilities were opened. These include the kitchen, the laboratory and offices, as well as 3.500 m2 area which consists of the abattoir, quartering room and factory. Sinde then we work hard so that our products are recognised as being select. This knowledge has been acquired over the years, and through the use of the best technology, it satisfies the most expert of chefs, as well as pleasing consumers in their trusted shops.

Our products meet the requirements and conditions required by the Rules of Tierra de Sabor quality assured mark, that identifies differentiated quality food products in the market, as well as they meet the requirements of Islamic Law and therefore we have the Halal Certification, so our products are suitable for use in the field of Spain, the EU and the countries of Muslim majority.

It is worth to stressing too that most of our products are suitable for celiacs.

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