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Whole Weat Flour Biscuit

Biscuit made of churned butter, fresh eggs and whole wheat organic flour. 

The whole wheat flour is done by grinding the whole wheat without sifting.  The flour can then keep all of its food properties. 

La Maison Georges Larnicol  is a French Artisan Producer of Premium chocolates but also biscuits and  pastries using the best recipes and ingredients from the authentic French region of Brittany.

Our flagship product is the KOUIGNETTE®.  Creation of Georges Larnicol, one of the best craftsmen of France "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" , the Kouignette® is an invention inspired by the Kouign Amann.   The Kouignette® is a handmade individual puff pastry primarily made with leavened dough and churned butter.  We offer different flavours. 

Our product range:


GATEAU BRETON natural flavour   (a pastry from the region of Brittany in France made with churned butter )  

GATEAU BRETON with buckwheat flour (gluten free ) with or without chocolate

KOUIGN AMANN  (puff pastry made primarily with leavened dough and churned butter )  


BISCUIT   Butter biscuits - specialty of Brittany   

TORCHETTE® A crunchy biscuit with a mix of different ingredients without animal fat.  With almonds, wheat, egg white, sugar, raisins, a touch of rum and hazelnuts.  It is an energy booster cookie.  Small size package 150 g Or an XL size package with 3 big cookies.   

MERINGUE (natural or Cacao flavour)   

MACARON  (different flavours available)