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La Maison Georges Larnicol  is a French Artisan Producer of Premium chocolates but also biscuits and  pastries using the best recipes and ingredients from the authentic French region of Brittany.

Our flagship product is the KOUIGNETTE®.  Creation of Georges Larnicol, one of the best craftsmen of France "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" , the Kouignette® is an invention inspired by the Kouign Amann.   The Kouignette® is a handmade individual puff pastry primarily made with leavened dough and churned butter.  We offer different flavours. 

Our product range:


GATEAU BRETON natural flavour   (a pastry from the region of Brittany in France made with churned butter )  

GATEAU BRETON with buckwheat flour (gluten free ) with or without chocolate

KOUIGN AMANN  (puff pastry made primarily with leavened dough and churned butter )  


BISCUIT   Butter biscuits - specialty of Brittany   

TORCHETTE® A crunchy biscuit with a mix of different ingredients without animal fat.  With almonds, wheat, egg white, sugar, raisins, a touch of rum and hazelnuts.  It is an energy booster cookie.  Small size package 150 g Or an XL size package with 3 big cookies.   

MERINGUE (natural or Cacao flavour)   

MACARON  (different flavours available)  

Whole Weat Flour Biscuit
  • Brand name: Galleta Integral
  • Sector: MARZIPAN
  • Innovation Area
kOUIGNETTE®, an individual puff pastry from the tipical region of France, la Bretagne.
  • Brand name: kOUIGNETTE® Maison Georges Larnicol
  • Sector: PATISSERIE
  • Innovation Area