Soft cheese,100% pasteurized, made with cow's milk with a minimum maturation period of 20 days.

The name Tetilla refers to its shape very similar to a female breast, whose traditional conical shape (concave-convex) makes it different from any other cheese. This peculiar format benefits its elaboration and maturation.

It is a uniform creamy cheese with few eyes and of white-ivory color,with a characteristic very natural flavor, dairy, slightly acidic and asalty soft, which
makes it suitable for all palates.

The Tetilla Cheese is a cheese for daily consumption for its multiple culinary applications and thanks to its easy to melt, makes it easily integrated into
any dish. It is also an ideal cheese for desserts since its softness makes it perfect to consume with fruit jams or honey.

Our Tetilla Cheese is a traditional handmade chaceese produced by our master cheesemongers. Throughout its long history, it has won numerous
awards that make it, along with San Simon da Costa Cheese, one of the best cheeses in Europe.

Queixeiros da Chaira S.L is the company that brings together the cheesemonger masters of th eProtected Denomination of Origin San Simón da Costa for the export of their traditional andarti sanal products, under the MAGUS brand.
Our cheese factories are located in Galicia (Spain) and are distributed in several municipalities ofthe province of Lugo. We are producers, among others, of P.D.O. San Simón da Costa, the oldest cow cheese in Spain and probably in Europe, and also the most awarded in tastings and
national and international awards in its category.
Having all the cheese masters of San Simón da Costa in our company allows us to elaborate and select the best cheeses to offer them to our international clients.

PDO SAN SIMON DA COSTA CHEESE (smoked cow mik cheese)

PDO TETILLA CHEESe (soft cow mil cheese)