Mountain Honey

  • Exhibitor: MADRIDMIEL
  • Brand name: la abeja dorada
  • Sector: MIEL
  • Organic Exhibition Area
  • Innovation Area
Raw Mountain honey of organic production.
Madrid Miel Maestros Apicultores Desde 1944 SL is a family company dedicated to artisan beekeeping in Spain. Our bee hives are distributed in the best locations of Spain and Portugal for the honey production. Today, Madrid Miel Maestros Apicultores Desde 1944 SL has become one of the largest beekeeping and honey production companies in Spain thanks to our love for the natural environment and great knowledge about the world of beekeeping. In our fifth generation of beekeeping, we are proud to carry our tradition and our standard of excellence under two brands: Madrid Miel and Abeja Dorada.