LIMERENCE, the excellence of an extra virgin olive oil

We have been referenced by several media, highlighting the high quality of our product. For example in the GOURMET GAZETTE. In fact we have several highly recognized chefs, who have tried our product and are the most suitable to recommend it. On our website you can see some gastronomic recipes made by them.

Limerencia, passion for the best extra virgin olive oil. An EVOO picual variety, first day of harvest, obtained from centennial trees in Sierra Mágina (Jaén). The olives were picked at dawn in order to obtain juice in the early morning. It is stored in a stainless steel tank in a controlled atmosphere and is only packaged on demand. In this way we maintain its organoleptic properties for longer, so that the customer can perceive them. Its fruitiness is high and aromas of fresh grass, tomato, apple, almond and pistachio are perceived. Its flavor however is smooth, with a great balance between bitterness and itching. All this makes it a limited edition gourmet product. For a more general public we obtain Sempiterno, an extra virgin olive oil of high quality, medium fruity. Herbaceous, tomato and ripe banana aromas are perceived. Its flavor is even softer than Limerencia, much pleasing in countries where they are not accustomed to the intense flavor of extra virgin olive oil.

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