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The Liqueur with Gold and Silver has been underwent a blind tasting by renowned Sommelier Andreas Larsson who gave it 91 points.

So this is light-golden colour, obviously liquor in style. I like the purity in this one. It is showing some herbal spiciness, then there is quite a wealth of tropical fruit. I pick up hints of orange zest, ripe lemon, some floral notes, then a lot of yellow fruit, such as stone fruit, peach and apricot. There are some fresh pineapple in there, a lot of herbal, spicy notes I would say. The palate is sweet. Quite high intensity of sweetness, but it is well balanced by alcohol which is on the higher side as well. Very lingering on the palate. I think the sweetness is well-balanced. It doesn’t appear sticky or sweet. Very generous fruitiness, with a lot of citrus, orange, with flavours of yellow fruit. Again that distinct spiciness with a lot of herbs, and something in the direction of anise seed or liquorice. I have no clue about this blend, but I kind of like it. I would imagine this is best to drink in its pure form, on ice. Very long finish, but it ends up quite well with more of a spicy than sweet.


Our passion for aroma and tasting brought this project to life.

Our goal is to lead you into an unique experience of aroma and authentic flavors. 

We aim to bring you the genuine scents and tastes of Portugal.

Our portfolio includes an exclusive Liquor with edible Gold and Silver, Organic Olive Oil, Craft Beer, Chocolates, Honey with Gold and Organic Jams.

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