Red Prieto Picudo wine with 12 months aging in oak

This wine has been elaborated with the unique and autochtonous Prieto Picudo grape which grows in the South of Leon.

The finest wine of our winery.12 months aging in oak: 75% French oak(Allier), 25% French oak (Nevers).

Vineyard`s age: more than 80 years.

Hand-picked in 20 kg boxes, processed on a sorting table.

Leyenda del Paramo is the dream of a group of wine lovers who came together to save 2 endemic grape varieties in South León: Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco. These two grapes are perfect to convey the nature of our soils, por and acidic, as well as our dry continental climate. Their freshnesh and complex definition trace an honest path through our town with their floral notes, mineral touches and long, intense finish. Our winery strives to blend together the intense character of these grapes, of our local tradition, and the environmentally friendly practices we believe in. We are fully sustainable and work towards a carbon neutral goal in all our processes using renewable energy sources and geothermal temperatura control. Leyenda del Páramo is here to prove we can maintain and expand biodiversity while, at the same time, producing fine wines off ancient, lower-yielding grapes.