• Exhibitor: LA MOLIENDA VERDE
  • Brand name: ECO MOLIENDA VERDE
  • Sector: MERMELADA
  • Organic Exhibition Area
  • Innovation Area

La Molienda Verde with more than 25 years of experience, is an artisan industry located in Benalauría, in the Genal Valley, Serranía de Ronda (Malaga), which is distinguished by a clean production process that respects its environment. It does not use chemical additives or transgenic foods and has one of the product ranges that are certified as "one hundred percent organic". It is a business model that focuses on small-scale, family-based agriculture, which allows natural foods to be produced naturally for people who are sensitive to the care of the environment and their health. We prepare jams, compotes, pates, chestnuts in syrup, etc.

We manufacture jams of Orange, Tangerine, Red Pepper, Red Fruits, Cranberries, Bitter Orange, Onion, Pedro Ximénez Wine, Raspberries (organic), Red Wine (ecological), Gin Tonic, Chestnuts, Tomato, Peach with Mango, Strawberry with Kiwi and Figs with dates, etc.

In addition, we make jams without added sugar of Mandarin, Blackberry and Orange, Fig, etc .. in ecological.

With Stevia we have Blueberries, Strawberry and mango.

We also sell chocolates, oils, vinegars, saffron, liqueurs, etc ... under the brand La Molienda Verde.