RAFFOLÉ the exceptional Dulce de Leche

RAFFOLÉ is the result of a balance between tradition and innovation.

Our Dulce de Leche RAFFOLÉ is made with fresh milk from the North of France.

Our commitment to local producers began more than two decades ago and we have since continued to focus on local and quality production.

Our plant in Sains Richaumont produces a Dulce de Leche that always follows the highest standards of HACCP, is certified by IFS and BRC, and always obtains the highest marks in all audits.

Our Dulce de Leche RAFFOLÉ has been chosen on several occasions as Flavour of the Year in France, always obtaining a great recognition by the utmost demanding public.

RAFFOLÉ, also produces caramel with salted butter, the finest and most gourmands of all caramels.

RAFFOLÉ Caramel to salted butter is La Franco Argentine response to the emerging salty caramel market.

RAFFOLÉ also produces hazelnut and chocolate cream.

Our bread spread DO NOT use palm oil unlike other hazelnut chocolate creams.

La Franco Argentine, the main producer of Dulce de Leche in Europe

Through the years, La Franco Argentine, has introduced several brands in the European market, specially in Spain and France. Today, our plant of 5200 m2 inaugurated in Sains-Richaumont in 2005 (a town in the north of France, in the Picardie region), is ready to respond to the demands of an increasing global market.

Innovation, quality, R & D

Our entire production chain is subject to external audits, always obtaining the highest marks at the most demanding certifications of the IFS and BRC standards (French quality standards).

Our plant is also suitable for processing biological products according the needs of our customers.

Our R & D department is constantly searching to develop new formats and products capable of satisfying the different needs of the markets in which we operate.

Our values

Innovation: The only way to ensure quality is through innovation. La Franco Argentine is a family business that invests on innovation through the latest technology to offer its customers rigorously high quality products.

Accountability: We are a company conscious of the world in which we live. We have always opted for local suppliers; we have rejected the use of vegetable oils that damage our health and the ecosystem, that is why all our products have an impeccable traceability.

Commitment: At La Franco Argentine, we are always committed to our customers and our suppliers. We are a family business in which the values of respect and sacrifice are part of our DNA. Commitment to quality in both production and service is our driving force.

Effort: Those who know La Franco Argentine, know that effort, tenacity and constancy are the definition of the values of our company. We are not afraid of adventure and risk, because we know that quality implies to be open to new tendencies and new projects.

Tradition: Our products demand respect for our history and legacy. We are not nostalgic; we simply know that the best tradition is the one who is projected into the future with ambition and respect.