Chocolate sausage

  • Brand name: La Despensa de Palacio
A real chocolate sausage with an exquisite nuts praline seasoned with a soft touch of paper. 

La Despensa de Palacio is a traditional pastry and chocolate workshop allocated in the south of Spain near Seville.   

It was in 1743 that our ancestor Antonio Santaella went into service as a baker for the Marquises of Estepa. He was later put in charge of stocking the larder of the palace. With the disappearance of manor estates in the first half of the 19th century, our family acquired the former mill and bakery which was used as a school and model for the new bakeries of the different branches of the Santaella family.

Now, over 250 years later and still using wood-fired ovens, we are proud to maintain the tradition of this noble trade and art. Since studying with the best master chocolatiers in Switzerland and France, after unforgettable stays with the family of Maurice Bernachon and Paul Bocuse, we have been making our own chocolates and are now the only chocolate factory still existing in Andalusia and one of the few traditional workshops in Spain to produce directly from cocoa beans.  

Our delicacies are recovered from old cookbooks and are handmade with only premium ingredients chosen in their places of origin.  A delicious product along with outstanding packaging based upon original oil paintings allow us to have the trust and confidence of numerous customers. Our products are sold in the most exclusive stores in Spain and abroad.

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