EVOO Coupage

Medium-intense mature fruit. Apple, leaves and fig tones. The first touch on the tongue is sweet, gently spicy and finally slightly bitter.

We are an Premium Olive Oil producer in Spain, in fact one of the top quality olive oils in the world is obtained by us.

We are vertically full-integrated since we own the olive groves, milling, storage facilities and bottling plant, what means unbeatable quality/price relation.

We are a wide experience olive oil company, we are existing from 1858 but, our bottled products are available just from less than three years ago.

In this period, we have become one of the top companies in the sector. We handle two different lines:  

  • Knolive Signature Collection,  we are proud of our innovation, design and high quality. We are developing something completely new, appealing to the consumer, elegant and exclusive; a product concept that breaks with the traditional schemes of packaging for olive oil.       

                 You can visit our website: www.knolive.com

  • Hispasur Gold, Silver and White, we offer the versatility and flexibility in the types of olive oil that we can offer along with a wide range of price levels, as well as the possibility to pack practically in any type of format available in the market.

                 You can visit our website: www.hispasuraceites.es