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This ham comes from male Duroc pig crossing with a female Berkshire. More than 18 months of natural curing in a natural atmosphere.

Jamones Quesada Carpio S.L.  is a small enterprise. The main activity is elaborate and curing of Spanish stile ham. This enterprise has been founded in 1976. It has the sanitary register number oldest of Andalucia. It’s means that the organization would want make all works under the best quality conditions. The products elaborate have high quality. Quesada Carpio is working hard in the selection of the best raw meat. Studying the best slaughterhouse, where the pig has the best welfare conditions and the best breed. The raw meat are under strickly select condition and it personalized process allows get a special ham at the end of the process. This product has a organoleptical characteristic and bouquet particular and singular. The principal reason of these characteristics are the localization of the enterprise. This is near the mountain. Just off “Sierra Nevada”. The air of the sierra has some particular aromas very important in the curate of ham. This air content all extract of herbal plant and give the special aroma to the product. 

The rawraces selected to elaborated cured ham are four of the most important race in Spain: Duroc-Jersey, Berkshire, Iberian and the most common LandracexLarge white. Every product has the specific characteristics that make them genuine.