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Síguenos en @rutaintegra2 y pasa por el Pabellón 4- stand E-37 a recoger tu obsequio.

  • Exhibitor: INTEGRA2

Ruta Integra2” is launched, a website specialising in traditional Spanish culinary celebrations

?Integra2 Promote Local Food Products from Spanish Towns.

Integra2, Grupo Logista’s temperature-controlled transport network, have launched “Ruta Integra2” (, introducing themselves to the online community as the website specialising in gastronomy from all of the traditional celebrations that take place in towns and cities in Spain.

“Ruta Integra2” seeks to promote traditional gastronomy and celebrations, as well as the local food product culture of different Spanish towns and cities.  Any user may promote their celebration in a simple and intuitive way via the email address

At the same time, it permits user subscription in order to keep people informed of the culinary events taking place in the whole country in the coming weeks.From a cultural and recreational point of view, this project wishes to reach a broader public via attractive and positive content, which will be published on the different platforms where it is present, as well as on the web, the blog and on Instagram.

The project provides support to gastronomic culture and local food produce via the active participation of users. 

Integra2 is the temperature controlled capillary transport network of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local businesses in southern Europe.