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Automatic Batter-Breading Machine

  • Exhibitor: INHOSPAN
  • Brand name: INHOSPAN
  • Innovation Area
Gluing greaser / food wrapper. Perfect for the batter and automatic breading of any piece. Designed to glue with liquid egg and bread crumbs automatically breaded. Special for croquettes, meatballs, flamenquín, empanadillas, fillets, meat, balls, steak ... Or any type of food that requires breaded or battered. It is a machine with great utility for meat processors and workshops, catering and restaurants.Chain width 198 mm, dimensions 1300 x 43 6x 350, variable speed control, power 180W and voltage 220V II.
INGENIERÍA HOSTELERA PANADERA S.L. is a business that to manufactur machine for hosypitality sector and alimentary products. INHOSPAN born in 2003. We have maintained a constant evolution. In the last years we have began a initiation and development process of machine for meat sector, hotels, restaurants and precooked food.We mainly manufacture Hot kneading machine of 10, 24, 50, 100, 150 y 200, automatic batter- breading machine, croquette dispenser, and machinery for churros.

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