Specially designed to consume at meetings and parties

  • Brand name: Cocktails Mojitos Yerbabuena

The Mojito is a classic among cocktails, and its combination of mint and lime makes it one of the most refreshing. There is no summer without Mojito, Mojito is Caribbean, sun, fun ... But what if we give this well-known drink a plus? It's already becoming common to find places where variants of this well-known cocktail are made and this is where YERBABUENA appears, which prepares them for you. The ease of a "Ready to drink" without alcohol with the tastiest touches of the best fruits:

  • MOJITO Strawberry
  • MOJITO Cantaloupe
  • MOJITO Caribbean
  • MOJITO Watermelon
  • Classic MOJITO

At present, Industrias Espadafor, SA, with a history of four generations and exporting to more than 45 countries, is one of the leading Spanish companies in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, known for its extensive range of soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages , and for its continuous innovation for the palate.

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