• Exhibitor: ICARBEN
  • Brand name: ICARBEN
  • Sector: PATÉ DE CARNE
Manteca de cerdo iberica, Lista para cocinar y darle un sabor especial a tus platos. Se elabora con pellas de cerdo ibérico cocinadas a fuego muy lento. El secreto de su éxito se debe a una antigua receta que aún hoy se sigue al pie de la letra, en un proceso de elaboración totalmente manual.

Artisan Sausage Factory Your online sausage shop with a wide variety of meat products, pork tenderloin, ham, Iberian pork loin, Iberian sausages, roast shoulder, Iberian loin zurrapa. Located in Benaojan in the middle of the Serrania de Ronda with great tradition in the sausage production. Online sale of sausage products Delicatessen pâté a la pimineta, ham chips in olive oil, natural sausage ... Icarben is the leading company in the sector of sausages and baked products, such as roast trowel, roasted ham and more artisanal products such as meat zurrapa, pork liver zurrapa, lard. In our store you can buy sausages online and enjoy tips, recipes, and a blog with suggestions for preparing our products. Take advantage of products in seasonal promotion, if you are a professional enjoy your price rate with discounts for you.

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