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About us? Ibericoteca is the commercial name of the company Gourmet Comarca las Vegas S.L. 

Madrileño Iberian food truck.

In our truck you can find both Hams, Iberian sausages, Arturo Sánchez brand, Iberian pork noble meats (the dam, fan, secret or pen), gourmet burgers or delicious typical Bartolillos de Madrid.

We do catering, weddings, deluxe events, private parties, festivals and gastronomic events.

Why choose us?

1 - We are the first foodtruck in Madrid dedicated to Iberians. A very demanded product in our gastronomy.

2 - The highest quality is our fundamental premise in all our dishes, since we use the best products on the market.

3 - Ibericoteca works every day to develop new flavors, based on our Iberian products, to get closer to all our customers.

4 - We are aware that this new gastronomical movement in Spain has to offer good quality with adequate prices.

Our foodtruck is composed of Iberian ham cutting area, industrial cold chamber, two freezers, gas griddle, fryer, gril, oven and beer tap. An authentic steel kitchen, on wheels. 

We have a professional communication team and more than 10,000 followers in Social Networks. @ibericoteca This allows us to communicate all our events. 

Our high quality Iberian products, paired with the best raw material and a large selection of fresh natural products of proximity, or organic. All this accompanied by a village artisan bread (freshly baked) and DO Madrid oils.

The meats we use are from the noble parts of the Iberian pig, (prey, feather, secret, fan).

We also incorporate to our dishes the best, foie gras, cheeses and creams, to be based on the palate along with a selection of the best gourmet sauces.

We have our own garden, where in its season we offer the best "Tomatoes of Orusco" Madrid.

A magnificent wine bar and the best craft beers.