Specialty coffee, single varietals and blends for both professionals and individuals.

  • Exhibitor: IAMay Coffee
  • Brand name: IAMay Coffee
  • Sector: CAFÉ
  • New
We work exclusively strictly selected specialty coffees. We offer its complete traceability and organoleptic characteristics. We are constantly searching around the world looking for the perfect coffee. In our pursuit of search we find true jewels in the most recondite places of the planet acquiring them so that all that coffee lover can taste and enjoy it.

We are a young Spanish company located in Cartagena, we were born in 2014 of the spin-off of Cafés Pérez-Campos, artisan masters coffee roasters with more than 100 years of experience. Our passion for specialty coffee has made us target the introduction and dissemination of their culture. That is why we embark on this wonderful informative and educational project so that anyone who wants to learn and enjoy specialty coffee can do so in a close and familiar way.

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