Breaded Cod

Breaded Cod : 

Atlantic cod fillet (FISH) 67%, breading mix 16% (type "0" WHEAT flour, brewer's yeast, salt, turmeric, paprika), water, batter mix [corn flour, type "00" soft WHEAT flour, corn starch, salt, thickening agents: methyl cellulose, xanthan gum; raising agents: disodium diphosphate E450 (i), sodium carbonate E500 (ii)], iodised salt (salt, potassium iodide). *fried in sunflower oil. It may contains traces of: CRUSTACEAN, EGGS, SOY BEANS, MILK, PISTACHIO NUTS, CELERY, MUSTARD, MOLLUSCS.

  “I Gustosi Italian food” is a Company dedicated to the cultivation of typical Apulian agricultural products, offering the freshness and taste of Puglia in Italy and abroad . Taste and genuineness are distinctive features of the products.

I Gustosi Italian Food also present in our vending machines for a "ready-to-eat" service, to eat "fast", but at the same time "good".