Horchatas HISC,  with 120 years of craft tradition. 
Currently, we are the only manufacturer in the world capable of producing horchata concentrated (Concentrated Tiger Nut Milk) :
100% vegetable, without gluten, without lactose, without milk protein, without preservatives, without dyes and without artificial additives. 

Why Concentrate? 

Because it preserves all the properties and flavor of fresh horchata (freshly extracted) and since it barely contains water, it does not need as much pasteurization. 
This, and an elaborate artisanal process, allows us to maintain its flavor, starch and properties, and increase its conservation up to 3 years without opening and up to 5 months once opened and refrigerated. 

The main secret is our raw material, tiger nuts, D.O of Valencia selected with the highest weight and quality possible. 

We are also national leader in Horchata Condensada for the Gran Distribución channel, known as the Horchata Artesana del Super, for its quality far superior to the UHT Horchatas. 

We work with our concentrate for important manufacturers that produce derivative products such as tiger nut liqueur, cocoa cream, etc. 

For the Horeca sector, we are a solution increasingly extended by:
HIGH QUALITY (Taste and properties such as fresh horchata, freshly extracted),
COMFORTABLE (No losses and large storage capacity due to its long expiration, 3 years) 
VERY VERSATILE Horchata, Plates and Desserts of Horchata 100% Vegans, Valencian Chocolate, etc. 
VERY PROFITABLE, more than 400% profitability Finally, we have a catalog of very careful products for the Gourmet sector - Souvenir, like our Horchata 10.

Finally, we have a catalog of very careful products for the Gourmet sector - Souvenir, like our Horchata 10
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