Red Wine D.O. La Mancha Zagarron Pausa

  • Exhibitor: HENRI MOR - MONSOON
  • Brand name: Zagarron Pausa

VARIETY 75% Tempranillo /25% Petit Verdot

ELABORATION Temperature controlled fermentation at 22 oC in stainless-steel tanks.

TASTING NOTE Deep red color with youthful violet tones of medium to high intensity. The palate is intense, lively and full of subtle cedar and spiced aromas from its three months aging in oak barrels. Harmonious on the palate, with nice lively tannins. Nice long velvety warm finish.

SERVING RECOMMENDATION Best serve between 14 and 18 oC. Perfect with tapas, roasts and BBQs.

HENRI MOR is a family business that produces and exports Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and related products full of sensory attributes, passion and history.

We select under the strictest quality controls, with the zeal and affection of our ancestors, the best olives of the PDO Les Garrigues in its optimum moment of maturation to obtain the maximum sensorial quality.

Our EVOO has a unique, elegant and complex flavor. Its sensorial notes comes from the innovation in the harvest and milling process allow us to obtain the best essence and aromas of the Arbequina.

Each bottle is filled with hard work, laughs at the table, love stories and the unique flavor of the Arbequina olive, which never touches the ground thanks to the farmers whose efforts ensure that the flavors go straight from the tree to your palate 

We invite you to discover together every drop of the natural ecosystem along with the passion that defines us. Enjoy this sensorial experience.

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