Verde Esmeralda Blue Sapphire. EVOO Organic Picual variety

Picual Organic (blue sapphire) presents a more intense fruitiness compared to the conventional picual (emerald Green), this is due to the use of organic products only for the nutrition of olive trees.

With a visionary spirit and an exceptional audacity, VERDE ESMERALDA is born with the sole purpose of creating the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. Verde Esmeralda invents and perfects the techniques for obtaining a unique quality. With great care and special care, the best fruits are collected manually.

Obtaining the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, more than a technique, a spiritual ritual. No thermal oscillations and at the right temperature from obtaining the fruit to extracting its Elixir.

Verde Esmeralda harvests its fruits from a selection of the best trees among 78,542 olive trees, for this an exhaustive monitoring of all cultural practices for the cultivation of the olive tree is carried out. From the moment the olive tree begins to bloom, passing through the fruit set and all its development in the tree, all the variables that affect the quality of the fruit are controlled.

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