Rosé Wine Appellation (D.O.) Rueda

  • Brand name: Valdecuevas Rosé
  • Sector: VINO ROSADO CON D.O.
  • New

90 % Tempranillo and 10 % Verdejo.

A delicate rosé looking for a balance between the youth and the power of a young wine, with the maturity and subtleness of a wine aged in barrel.

A lifetime dedicated to Quality

The Martin family has been working in the agrofood sector for more tan 70 years, and during this time they have shown the gastronomical wealth of their región.

In 2008, the 3rd generation of the family, led by a deep respect and an absolute believe in the product, embark on a thrilling Project:

- To elaborate one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the world.

- To became a winery of reference along Rueda appellation.

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