Awards Ceremony 25th Ham Cutting Contest / Dehesa de Extremadura

Since the first edition of the competition back in 1994, six participants have competed for an hour and a half, demonstrating their ability and skills to a Jury of Professionals, who assess aspects such as speed, clean cut, presentation of the dish, style and beneficial use of a sample of 100 grams of ham. The purpose is to select the winner of the “Ham Cutting Contest / Dehesa de Extremadura”.

The last edition, which took place on 24th April 2017, featured a Jury consisting of:

  • Elena Diéguez Garbayo, Vice-President of the Dehesa de Extremadura Regulatory Board and Jury Chairwoman.
  • Elena Arzak, Chef at Arzak Restaurant.
  • Nicasio Durán, Member of Cofradía Extremeña de Gastronomía.
  • Rosa Rivas, Journalist at El País.
  • Juan Fco Hernández Caraballo, El Jamonista of Urrechu Restaurant.
  • Sara Cucala, Journalist at TVE and owner of ‘A Punto’ Bookshop. 

Competitions Rules

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