8th Show Cooking / Gourmets

Through the auspices of Grupo Gourmets, in collaboration with the culinary bookshop, A Punto Centro Cultural del Gusto, some of the star- chefs and products - from Spain at a national and international level pass through the packed Show Kitchens set up at Salón de Gourmets.

The chefs offer commentated tasting sessions and illustrate the versatility of the new products that trade visitors will find in the display windows at the 25th New Products Exhibition, one of the most newsworthy sections of the fair. 

Throughout the fair’s four-day duration, professionals and members of the media will pack out the "8th Show Cooking /Gourmets," where chefs and speakers will share the same venue to demonstrate that cuisine means imagination. 

The master classes offered in this section provide a great opportunity for trade visitors to sample the dishes that are made and exchange know-how and opinions directly with a series of leading professionals. 

Amongst the renowned chefs that have attended past editions, we might mention Andrea Tumbarello, Joaquín Felipe, Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Larumbe, Paco Roncero and Pepe Solla, amongst others.

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