25th Ham Cutting Contest / Dehesa de Extremadura

Since the first edition of the competition back in 1994, six participants have competed for an hour and a half, demonstrating their ability and skills to a Jury of Professionals, who assess aspects such as speed, clean cut, presentation of the dish, style and beneficial use of a sample of 100 grams of ham. The purpose is to select the winner of the “Ham Cutting Contest / Dehesa de Extremadura

This year the members of the jury have been:

  • Elena Dieguez, Vice President of the Regulatory Council of the D.O Dehesa de Extremadura
  • Elena Arzak, Chef Restaurante Arzak
  • Sara Cucala, Journalist and Owner of the gastronomic bookstore A Punto
  • Sergio Fernández, Canal Cocina
  • Rose Michelle Bensadon, Bloguer
  • Ana Marcos, Collaborator of El Economista

The finalists of this edition have been :

  • Anibal Falcón Morales
  • Juan Blas Sánchez Saez
  • Roberto González Santalla
  • Jesús de Teresa Santamaria Perez
  • Sara Isabel Ruiz Osuna
  • Laura Polvillo Rogerio

The winner was Roberto González Santalla from Madrid

Second place Anibal Falcón Morales from Valencia

Third place Juan Blas Sánchez Sáez from Alicante

Competitions Rules

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