The aim of the contest is to disseminate the culture of the sommelier and to select the best sommelier to represent Spain in the world championship.

The championship is divided in two phases, the semifinal which was celebrated during the morning of Wednesday, beginning at 10:00 and the final that started at 3:45 pm.

Both championships were held in the Gourmets Stage.

The semifinal consists of:

  • Exam with questions to develop or type test.
  • Wine tasting and / or distillates or other drink.

The three best scores will go to the final.

The final consists of:

  • Quick test Oral tasting of wines.
  • Wrong letter.
  • Identification of distillates, liquors and beverages. 
  • Decantation and service of a bottle of wine to the jury.
  • Pairing with the drinks that the contestant considers appropriate for a menu that is decided.
  • There may be a surprise test, based on any of the actions developed within the profession of a Sommelier.
  • Proof of style and professionalism.
  • The correct uniformity, the style used by the contestant during all the tests of the Contest will be assessed.

The delivery of the trophy for the winner and diplomas for the second and third place were from 18:15 to 19:00 in the Gourmets Stage.

This edition: Jon Andoni Rementería of the restaurant Remenetxe, País Vasco, won the title of Best Sommelier of Spain 2018.

The second place went to Eduardo Camiñas of the restaurant Mugaritz, País Vasco.

The third place went to Valentín Checa from Castilla la Mancha. 

Video of the 24 Sommeliers Spain Championship, 2018:

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