1st Oil Tunnel/ A Tour of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Spain

During the 32 Salon Gourmets the 1st Edition of the "Oil Tunnel", a tour of all the Denominations of Origin of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and varieties will be held

It is a space promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, whose objective is to offer visitors a sensory experience within the framework of the universe of aromas and flavors offered by the EXTRA VIRGIN

It is one of the products with greater presence in the SG that will have this new innovative and unique space to reinforce and support of MAPAMA to the olive sector

The organoleptic wealth of its extra virgins, its singularities, the excellence of a certified product, guarantee of origin, traceability, diffusion areas and endless length of positive attributes can be known through the Appellations of Origin, without forgetting the ecological EVOOs, where you will be able to delight with a product 100% organic, respectful of the environment.

An exciting journey, a unique opportunity in Spain to taste and enjoy the EXTRA VIGENES, flag and spearhead of our best cuisine.

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