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Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura is the major producer of Majorero PDO cheese, the emblematic cheese of the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and the first goat cheese to obtain a PDO in Spain. Majorero has been produced since pre-Hispanic times and already in 1403 the Spanish conquerors left written record of its elaboration by the original inhabitants.

Majorero cheese is exclusively made from the milk of the Majorera goat breed, native to Fuerteventura and perfectly adapted to its aridity. Its milk contains a higher content of protein and fat, providing a delicious taste, somewhat sweet, and incredible creaminess to the cheese. We elaborate a range of Canarian goat cheeses under Maxorata and El Tofio brands and Canarian blend cheese Selectum, all of them available with natural rind, coated with paprika, gofio (a pre-Hispanic corn flour) or smoked.

We also own a dairy in the heart of La Mancha that produces the delicious Tobar del Oso Manchego PDO and distribute cheeses from the neighbor islands of La Palma, El Hierro and Gran Canaria and the most representative cheeses of Spain and Canarian delicatessen.

Among the prizes obtained, we highlight the following: Maxorata, Best of Class at World Cheese Championship Contest, Best Cheese of Spain in 2017, SuperGold, Gold and Silver medals at different editions of the World Cheese Awards (WCA) and Wisconsin International Cheese Contest; Selectum, SuperGold in 2017; El Tofio, Gold, Silver and Bronze at WCA; Tobar del Oso Manchego DOP,  Gold and Silver in WCA.

We have also been recognized for our contribution to the local development of Fuerteventura and our efforts to join the goat breeders and to keep the production of Majorero in the traditional way.

We count with 6000 cattle heads and we buy milk from other 80 breeders. We test the milk collected daily in our in-house laboratory.

Cured Manchego PDO
  • Brand name: Tobar del Oso
Semicured Manchego PDO
  • Brand name: Tobar del Oso
PDO cured cheese made from Majorera goat breed
  • Brand name: Maxorata