National figs, mixed with a combination of different spices. A contrast of flavors for our palate. Container format 100 gr./box.Units box 27 pcs. It could be prepared as a starter, accompanied with a bit of cured cheese. Exquisite.

Grupo Borgeños S.L, is an organization located in El Borge, province of Malaga in Spain. We are a dynamic company with more than 25 years of experience. Manufacturer, packer and distributor of dried fruit (Malaga D.O.P raisins, dried figs and their derivatives), nationally and internationally. We elaborate more than 30 different packaging formats (bagging, cases, wickerwork, crafts, etc.). We are the first company in Andalusia to certify their GLUTEN FREE figs, in all their elaboration and packaging process, as well as the flour we work with.

Culture tradition and flavor characterize our company.