Canadian craft beer_Ontario

  • Exhibitor: GOURPASS
  • Brand name: Cameron's
Cameron’s Brewing Company is an award winning family run craft brewery based in Oakville, Ontario. With over 100 brewing excellence awards in our 17-year history, Cameron’s Brewing Company is a true craft brewery. We have been passionately brewing our all natural ales and lagers since 1997 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original founder, Cameron Howe, began his journey with the idea of introducing quality craft beer into the Ontario marketplace. What started as a mere hobby quickly turned into a flourishing small business. Today, Cameron’s Brewing Company remains true to its roots, with a dedicated team of beer experts committed to brewing quality, award-winning, locally crafted beer.Cameron’s is committed to brewing beer of exceptional taste and quality. Its brewing experts relentlessly pursue the development of new styles and the perfection of its classic ales and lagers using the world’s finest all-natural ingredients. 

We import Canadian craft beer to Europe. We have incorporated Canadian ciders and beers from other European countries into our portfolio.

We also offer local gourmet products: cava, wine, truffle and selected cured pork products.

We have headquarters in Europe and America. Our warehouse in Barcelona and our strategic location in Montreal allows us to be a link between both continents.