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ROSEMARY HONEY. Product of Soria

  • Exhibitor: GOMEZ ZARDOYA
  • Brand name: Miel de Romero Gómez Zardoya
  • Sector: MIEL
ROSMARINUS OFFICINALISIt flowers in spring. The flavor is mild, not very persistent and delicate with a slight aftertaste. The color varies from light straw to light, lemony cream.

GOMEZ ZARDOYA is a traditional but at the same time a young, innovative and dynamic company. We have over 40 years experience in the preparation of cured artisan quality meat products and more than a century, four generations, dedicated to collecting and bottling honey of high purity and quality.

BEEKEEPING PRODUCTS:We collect, bottle and sell bee products from beehives located in the best areas in the province of Soria, all are free of contamination.We have the technology to offer a selection of the best honey as well as a wide range of bee products (pollen, Royal Jelly and pure beeswax).Our honey preserves all their natural richness and purity because we have the optimum technology to extract the honey at low temperatures. In addition, we have double lined maturing tanks heated by hot water to homogenize the honey properly giving it a uniform quality.

CURED MEAT PRODUCTS:We produce and commercialize a wide range of artisan sausages, different varieties of chorizo, salchichón and cured pork lion.The development of our sausages is carried out respecting a traditional process and is made in the winter to take advantage of the excellent climatic conditions in the province of Soria, resulting in a long and completely natural curing process. We guarantee the traceability of each batch produced.Our sausage production process begins with a careful selection of ingredients which are subjected to rigorous quality controls (conditions of transport, temperature, organoleptic, packaging, analysis, etc.).

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