Energy bars and special bars for sport produced with Gofio. 

GOFIO LA PIÑA, founded in 1957, is a canarian production company of soluble and instantaneous preparations produced with toasted cereals, commonly  named in Canary Islands as “Gofio”.  A product with a long tradition in our region.

Our instantaneous preparations are produced roasting the cereal grains and milling that without adding preservatives and dyes. Different cereals  in this roasting and milling process  give raise to different kind of Gofios (soluble preparations) that we have. Specifically in conventional line we produce: Corn Gofio Light Toasted, Corn Gofio Strong Toasted, Oat Gofio, Wheat Gofio,  Corn and Wheat Mix Gofio, Corn Gofio with extra Fiber, Special Gofio for children and Multicerals Gofio. On the other hand, in the  ecologic line we produce, Eco Corn Gofio, Eco Oat Gofio, Eco Spelt Gofio, Eco Multicereals with Soya Gofio. 

We emphasise that our raw materials are GMO-free.

This product, in any of its varieties is consider as ideal food for a healthy and balance diet due to its hight nutritional value. It contains carbohydrates, being an excellent  tonic and source of energy; has a high  protein content; is rich in fiber and Minerals (iron, calcium, magnessium and potassium, among others); it provides B  vitamins (B1, B2, B2) and vitamin C; and is hightly digestive.So, is a suitable product for breakfast,  diluted in milk or vegetable drink , cold or hot, mixed with yogurt or sprinkled on fruit. Also is an excellent ingredient  of bakery. 

Furthermore, GOFIO LA PIÑA commercialize energy bars and special bars for sport produced with Gofio

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