Panettone, tipico dulce italiano relleno con crema de chocolate, grappa, limoncino, bombardino,punch

Founded in 1946 by Ferruccio Giori, Giori Distillati Trentini has today become one of the leading and most prestigious Trentino producers of grappa and Liqueurs.

Over the years, the Giori company has grown steadily, renovating itself but always with traditional values in mind, values that from the beginning have been an inspiration; passion, intuition, genuineness, experience.

Giori Distillati Trentini, renowned for it’s innovative characteristics, continuously demonstrating dynamic and flexible talent.

Giori is a modern company, quick to respond, attentative to consumer tastes and demands.

The company is divided into 3 divisions: distillati trentini (grappa’s and liqueurs), import-export, and Gioice (products for ice cream and pastry making). All these divisions are controlled by a numerous and highly qualified sales force that continually expand Giori’s product distribution, both in Italy and in export markets.