Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gaulos

  • Exhibitor: GAULOS
  • Brand name: Oliaesa
The manufacturing of the olive oil begins in the tree itself and ends with storage in cellar, therefore, it is critical to control all phases of the process as olive oil characteristics are conditioned by each and every one of them.Tradition and Quality join to care of Health. Fruit and new extraction, processing and packaging of olive oil result in good quality olive oil. We want to bring to your table the best quality of virgin olive oils.Extra Virgin Olive Oil has sensory characteristics that reproduce the smells and flavors of the fruit from which it comes. It is the juice of olives harvested at their healthiest and most mature and it turn properly processed. It contains all the elements of nutritional value and does not present any alteration in their physical-chemical or sensory indices.

Olive growers and millers of Spain, SA, Oliaesa, was founded in 1988 by a group of olive oil-producing millers of the province of Jaén (Andalucía), under the auspices of the National Federation of Industries Manufacturers of Olive Oil for the sole purpose of a common market

In 1.995 we thought about marketing in common not only bulk olive oil but packaged olive oil, this is how Oliaesa started the difficult but rewarding journey of the distribution of our olive oil. Thus the Olive Oil Phone has become the benchmark for the direct sale of Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.This is how our Gaulos Coupage oil was born, an authentic extra virgin olive oil from the selection of the best olives.

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