• Exhibitor: GARCIA LEÑERO
  • Brand name: GARCIA LEÑERO
  • Sector: PASTELES
Assortment of traditional rolls with butter.
Different fillings: cream, Mix, truffle, vanilla cream, marzipan cream, angel hair, Bonbon, 2 or 3 different flavors.
Decorated according to the filling with different presentations: candied fruits and almonds, Chocolate, etc.
The Artesana García Leñero Pastry Shop was founded in 1965 and today the company SEIS H S.A., established in 1990, collects its heritage of responsibility and perseverance, preparing and distributing its products of pastry, pastries and pastries nationally and internationally. The initial destination of our products are food stores, small chains and large stores. Our family origin has allowed us to create a highly qualified and dynamic professional team in constant training and innovation, with the aim of maintaining a commitment to demand to please our customers. We produce a product of excellent quality, which has been made with first class materials, careful packaging and a fast and competent supply.