Automatic cutlery polisher

  • Exhibitor: FRUCOSOL
  • Brand name: Frucosol
Automatic cutlery dryer that not only dries but also polishes and removes the lime marks from your cutlery, Stainless Steel and Silver ones, after washing it. It is equipped with a UV lamp that sterilizes granulate made of corn that will dry and polish the cutlery. We have also installed a fan motor with a heating element to finish the drying process and avoids some granulate can goes out from the machine. Maximum hygiene and security while drying your cutlery. High quality for your cutlery.
Frucosol is developing, manufacturing and selling food service and catering equipment since 1991. Our range of products includes different machines like automatic juicers, glass froster, cooking machines, glass polishers, cutlery polishers and decarbonisers. We offer always products that can be adapted to the needs of our customers, but from a good quality-price relationship point of view. As well, our careful after sales service and strategic logistic system and stock allow us to give answer to any request. At this moment, Frucosol is a reference within the HORECA business.